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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody. welcome to fun-day monday, where hoda and me and my sty are so happy you're with us. >> the three of us are glad you're here. >> for the second week, third week. >> please go to the doctor. >> i just got off the phone from dr. starr. that's his name. he's the best eye doctor in the world. >> yes? >> he says i'm going to be fine. >> so what's he going to do to it? >> i don't know. but he can have his way with it.
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it's fine with me. >> some people think they had a great weekend. but i don't think anybody had a better weekend than savannah guthrie. >> hello. >> hi. i don't know if you guys heard. >> big news around here. >> no, it's humongous news. >> bigger than anything. >> we would like to unveil to the country -- >> they've already seen it for three hours. >> savannah guthrie got engaged. >> hi! >> hi, ladies. >> oh, my gosh. we knew something was up with you today. you've been floating on a cloud. >> i know. but -- oh, i'm supposed to go over here. hold on. >> come on over because your champagne is waiting for you. >> it's funny. because i didn't know what to do. i didn't know if i should tell anyone. so i decided to see if anyone would notice. >> and did they? >> no one noticed. so i get in -- >> and this is a rock. >> show that monster. >> how did they not notice it? >> i know. it has its own like weather system. >> it should have its own zip code. it's gorgeous. >> it's a beautiful ring. >> it's an ice cube, really.
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>> he's got great taste your fiance. >> my fiance. say that again. >> hey, mike. >> hey, mike. savannah's fiancé. >> hello. >> aw. >> michael feldman. a little lipstick on the teeth. he doesn't like that. >> he's used to it. >> how are you, michael? congratulations to you, too. >> why, thank you so much. it's not bad being the luckiest guy in the world. >> aw. >> were you nervous when you proposed, mike? >> yeah, i was nervous. i was a little nervous, to be honest. especially after the long pause. >> what about -- you knew she was going to say yes, right? the woman's desperate. >> well, i was hoping. you know, hoping -- i assume there's a secondary market for diamonds like that. but i was very, very, very, very happy when she finally said yes. >> so how did he do it? he got on his knee when you were on vacation? >> we went to turks and caicos.
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it was beautiful. >> great spot. >> to amanara, actually. this beautiful, beautiful place. we just love it there. and the sun was setting. and he was like -- let's have some champagne by the sunset. i was like, well, maybe we should go to that bar out by the pool. he's like let's do it here. i just really had no idea. he truly shocked me. he truly shocked me. >> but you've been talking about getting married. >> for four years. we talked about it all the time. that's why i didn't really -- it didn't really dawn on me that he was actually asking because i thought we were just talking about it. as we do. >> so he showed you the ring and that was the dead give-away. >> that was when i -- he actually got on one knee, and i still thought we were just talking. honestly. and then he brought out the box and then i didn't open it for a long time because i just was overcome. >> you're an intelligent woman. when did it dawn on you he was asking you to get married? >> when the little box came out. but then i was just focused on him. >> see, that's the best, when you're not looking at ring,
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you're looking at him. >> i really was. >> by the way, i know your planning process, we don't know when you're getting married -- >> let's ask mike. >> mike, do you know when you guys are getting married? >> as soon as possible. how about that? >> well, we have a couple of dresses picked out. >> yeah. >> we moved way ahead. we don't like to wait around. we thought this would be cute. we superimposed some dresses on you when you were on the red carpet. i hope you don't mind. >> that's got my vote. >> i think we have another one. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's very pretty. >> obviously someone else's body. >> hardly. >> and then you -- >> yes, and mike would look lovely in a royal red coat. >> that's been done, though. >> and i love that one. >> that is pretty. >> savannah, you can wear anything. >> such a phenomenal body. >> oh, please. oh, my gosh. that's like weird. >> we're so thrilled for you. >> cheers. >> mike, we wish you were here for a sip of champagne. we wish you all the happiness in the world. >> we will raise a glass soon enough. >> love you, honey.
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>> aw! that was even cuter. >> he's so sweet. >> he's probably drinking too. the hard stuff. right now. >> now, he's going to have to move up here, right? >> yeah. he will. he's already halfway, anyway. >> okay. because you're not going anywhere, missy. okay? >> no, no, no. >> savannah, thank you. >> we love you. >> thanks. >> drink it on the go. >> i know. >> thank you. >> are they underwear? i love this show. good-bye. >> this is nbc news, if you don't mind. >> hi, sara. >> that was exciting. >> that was great. >> let's talk about your weekend first. >> well, you came with me on thursday night. >> yes, we did. >> to an event that means a great deal to me. there's an organization called the ijm, the international justice mission. that's my friend gary hougan, who started it. he was the state department's point man after rwanda. to go to rwanda, make sense, if that's physically, emotionally, in any way possible, out of the genocide there.
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once he was there he realized that the only way to solve problems like that in the world would be through the local justice system. he's a harvard lawyer and just a brilliant guy and has got the biggest heart of almost anyone i've ever known. he left the state department, told his wife that -- and they had four children within 3 1/2 years. >> wow. >> that god had sort of laid it on his heart to do something in this world. >> he made a big change. >> that was -- well, quite a few years ago. and 500 lawyers later they -- we raised almost $1 million that night. they rescue victims of slavery and other violent abuse all over the world. it's an incredible organization. >> it was very, very, very moving. i was there for part of the evening. and it makes you feel like i can't believe this is all happening and why aren't i doing something to help. >> they go into like cambodia and rescue little 5-year-old girls from brothels. that kind of thing. and you say to yourself, what am i doing? what you can do is help them. and so -- >> it's a great organization. >> and you went to one of our
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favorite places -- the mission. >> the new york mission. they do this every thanksgiving and every mother's day. where they serve food to families in need. and met some terrific, great people there, great moms and kids. it was an entire family from queens that was displaced because of the hurricane. >> sandy. >> yeah, sandy. and they were all great people. so big congrats to them. >> beautiful, beautiful spirit there. >> and i want to thank my new dog trainer, jessica. >> have you gotten a bill yet? >> okay, wait. i got a dog trainer. this is what i said to jessica. she's al's dog trainer. al said call jessica. so i said great. we were sitting in my apartment. she was talking about all this stuff and i said don't you need to evaluate blake? and she said, no, i need to evaluate you. >> that's what cesar milan always says, you're the problem, not the dog. >> that's what -- and so. >> i told you you were the problem. >> i was like, oh. she was like, what are you doing to him? i was like, i'm trying. now he runs in circles, he chases his tail. >> he's psychotic.
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>> i tried to walk him. literally, i got a new collar, he's running in circles. >> you're supposed to walk the dog, not let the dog walk you. you remember what cesar said? >> i have to tell you, but she did get me new treats. i will show you later. they're my favorite thing. and they are helping. they are so good. he loves them. >> hopefully, do we have the pictures, you guys, of the little dog that i got that day? we have an update of cinnamon lee. >> what? >> do we have them? >> cinnamon lee? oh, my god. >> cinnamon lee apparently one day just up and jumped in the pool. look how much -- and that's ollie. >> he grew. >> he grew like crazy. and ollie had always been a single dog and they are like the best friends in the world and my friend karen says cinnamon lee is the greatest dog that ever lived. remember how worried i was that day. >> yes, you were terrified. >> i did what you're never supposed to do, which is give a dog to somebody that doesn't want one. and it's turned out to be the greatest blessing. little cinnamon lee. okay. favorite things, hody-woman. >> one of them, if you're looking for a treat for your dog because your dog doesn't do what
2:14 am
you ask him to do. >> because you're a terrible mother. they're called zukes. >> i thought they were zekes. >> i know. i was wrong. i ripped the top off. salmon, chicken, peanut butter, different ones, they're $5.79. i'm telling you. you hold it up and he will do a circle in the air. >> maybe that's the problem. >> but for people, this is crazy, you guys. these are called dave's sweet tooth toffee. they came to my office. $5 for a pack. let's open a taste. please take a tiny bite. you're going to die. oh, my god. >> it's toffee. >> could you die? >> not die. but -- >> it's great. my god. what do you like? >> i have -- >> yes. >> this is the ultimate swim brief for guys to wear under their -- wrong side, you can tell. one of them has a little pouch. for bathing suits to prevent
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that awful chafing that you men go through. >> that's the back. this is the front. >> not where i live. got to make some room, baby. but they're very soft and they're -- they're from >> right. >> feel how comfortable. >> oh! that's so smart. >> this woman made them because her son and her husband and everybody were always complaining about the new kind of bathing suits where everything sort of flops around. so you wear these under. >> that's such a smart idea. >> one for cody and one for frank. >> what do you have, sweetie? >> i have this origins ginseng cream. i love this. because if you look inside -- it's about $24 from origins. it's that shimmery stuff. so if you dab it right through here, mary taught me this, it like brightens your eye. so you're kind of playing an eye trick. >> you can look as beautiful as you -- >> with a little dab. >> the whole time i've been hiding it. >> i like it.
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>> by the way, since we are n news, we have to clear up something that happened last week. >> we've been hoaxed. >> you guys remember we showed you the kiss cam from that minor league game or whatever. this one where she wanted to get kissed and she kept pointing and saying/, look. and then she picked up her cup of whatever it was and she dumped on him and she -- >> and we took her to task. as the rude person she is. >> well, apparently this was all a joke. the grizzlies in fresno decided they wanted to entertain the audience. and this was kind of -- this was a supervisor in the promotions department. >> i bet she's fun to work with. >> she said she wanted the audience to get a laugh. >> good laugh. sorry about that. >> okay, so coming up, she's been lured back to television. as a killer prank. emmy award winning actress gillian anderson is here. >> and we're getting you caught up on all the celebrity gossip you missed over the weekend in today's "buzz." >> oh, really? >> cheers. cars.
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emmy and golden globe-winning actress gillian anderson is coming back to the small screen in her first role on television, i couldn't believe this, in ten years. >> she's guest starring in the nbc thriller "hannibal." playing hannibal-elector's long-suffering psychiatrist. take a look. >> hello. come on in. this always goes better if i'm perfectly honest with you. >> what would be the point of otherwise? >> well, one of us has to be honest. >> i'm honest. >> not really. i have conversations with a version of you and hope that the actual you gets what he needs. >> creepy. >> creepy, creepy. >> yeah. >> does she know what he needs, gillian?
2:20 am
>> this is the first time i'm seeing that. >> do you like yourself? >> how are you doing? >> the creep factor is very high. >> it is very high. >> what attracted you to the role? >> well, i think ultimately it was the other actors that were involved i think got me to read the script to begin with and then i mean playing hannibal's psychiatrist. i mean, how cool is that? >> how juicy is that? right. >> what took you so long to come back to tv for ten years? what were you doing? >> a little busy raising a family, too as well as other work. >> i live in london and i have three kids, and i've been doing a lot of stuff over there. i've been doing stuff for the bbc, and it's aired over here. but this is the first american tv thing that i've done. >> and it was the writing and the chance to work with the cast. >> yeah. it was the writing. brian fuller is amazing. and he's a very good writer. and after having conversations with him and talking about how this might work in my life i thought, you know.
2:21 am
>> and this new project you have coming up is going to be filming in belfast, right? tell us about the new project. >> there's a project that's actually airing tonight on bbc2. and then on netflix on i think may 28th. it's called "the fall." and i already shot it. i already shot it in belfast. >> by the way, netflix is such a new great place -- "house of cards" is on netflix. it's one of those things you can watch them all -- >> it's all she talked about. she loves that show. >> tell us about that show. were you reluctant to do this netflix thing? i wonder if it's projects that actors are looking for. >> this was actually after the fact. we already shot this. it had nothing to do with netflix when we did it. we have done five episodes. that's all it's going to be for this season. i play a detective superintendant who is taken from the met in london up to belfast to do a 28-day review on a murder case. and then so netflix has bought it after the fact. and it's kind of the coolest home for it to be in. and i'm really excited to see. >> so you shouldn't expect to see you in some little romantic comedy fluff thing anytime soon,
2:22 am
should we, gillian anderson? >> it would be nice. compared to everything else -- >> wouldn't you like to take a trip down there, you know, a little -- >> it's a tendency -- i would be more than happy to. i like doing comedy. i've done a lot of comedy. people wouldn't know it, but i have. >> you have such a following. somebody who shall remain nameless here, that the minute they heard you were coming on, it's like -- i'm going to be a stalker. oh, my god, gillian anderson. >> she's right there. >> that must be very, very pleasing to you. to know you've had these kinds of fans that have stuck by you forever. >> pleasing to know that i have stalkers. >> yes. >> very comforting to know i have stalkers. no, my fans are awesome. >> your 18-year-old. you have three children. your oldest 18. >> i do. >> is that child interested in the business? >> fortunately not. she's most likely to to be an artist. and i have a 6 and a 4-year-old who are boys, and so far they don't want to be -- they actually don't know what i do,
2:23 am
which is great. >> that means you're doing something right. good for you. nice to see you. good luck. >> welcome back. "hannibal" airs thursday nights at 10:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m. central here on nbc. >> all right. who's our biggest admirer? you think you're the only one, gillian? we're going to reveal our fan of the week. >> all right. plus all your hollywood gossip coming up in "today's buzz." le , you know, "what are you thinking?" oh, i had a knot in my chest. i didn't really want her to go but...i knew she could do it. i felt like there were bigger and better things for me to do. [ mom ] she took what she was doing seriously. [ hosmer ] my self-confidence just went through the roof. [ dad ] it was awesome to see her transform from a girl, in a small town, to a soldier. [ male announcer ] you made them strong. we'll make them army strong. talk to your son or daughter about joining the army. find out how at that everyone should have access to good nutrition. so they're donating two meals to feeding america for every purchase of one a day women's multivitamins. help families across america get nutrition they need.
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it's time for our fan of the week, when we surprise one of our most dedicated viewers with a great trip. who is our winner? >> elena dresken from cleveland, ohio, who watches on wkyc, channel 3. elena never misses the show. sometimes she even watches the show at 2:00 a.m. her favorite part is the chat. she always finds herself saying, i heard about this on kathie lee and hoda. elena watches with her yorkie-poo buffy. check out the tv. even bambino thinks she should
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be the fan of the week. while the ladies are having fun playing myth or fact, she can point out that it's a fact she's our biggest fan. elena also loves reading hoda's book along with a glass of our favorite colby red. we're sending you two to marco island, florida, get ready for a five-night stay in a deluxe suite at the marco island marriott resort, the hotel is located on three miles of beachfront property with amazing views. it also has a spa and access to two private golf courses. so kick back, relax, and enjoy this retreat from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. hotel and airfare were provided by the marco island marriott resort, golf club and spa. >> didn't you used to work in -- >> i used to work in naples and i covered a lot of stories on marco island. and it's gorgeous. alena's going to love it. >> that's great. now from late-night to "american idol" -- >> some big tv shake-ups and celebrity gossip. we'll tell you all about it in today's buzz. >> and the hottest accessories to look sizzling on the beach.
2:29 am
>> plus great summer getaways for every family's budget. >> and our newest joy fit club member who lost 280 pounds. >> wow. i can't wait to meet him. we don't have a lot of men but it's nice when one pops up. we'll have all this after your local news and weather.
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we're back on this fun-day monday, with today's buzz, prince harry is living it up in the u.s. while all four judges are out on the "american idol." >> here with the celebrity scoop are bonnie fuller, editor in chief of and wnbc's roseanne colletti from gossip gram. we should start out with seth meyers, big news on "snl." >> he's taking over the late-night spot, that jimmy fallon is moving on from. i think it's a fantastic choice. >> he's going to be great. >> it's an interesting choice too because even though he's been the head writer for eight years and done weekly update for seven he really doesn't do sketches, while fallon does
2:32 am
sketches all the time. so it will be interesting to see how the show shifts to show what he's going to do. he may do more interviews or the next season in "snl" maybe he'll start doing sketches to practice. >> i bet lorne michaels -- >> hopefully he'll make it his, that's the important thing. if he tries to follow anybody else or be somebody else other than himself, it will not work. let's talk about barbara walters. a big announcement. were you guys surprised by that? >> i wasn't surprised. there's been a lot of rumors that she's going to step down. she's had a lot of health scares in the last year. >> this past year. >> and she's had to take some time off. but she's 83. she's going out with a big bang, a whole year ahead. >> all right. >> she was a real trail blazer for women. her career started here on the "today" show. the first host -- >> what happens to "the view" you guys? does it stay? >> it stays. >> she's going to continue to executive-produce it. and she said it was fantastic that the show would go on without her.
2:33 am
she made that very, very clear. >> it's her baby. she's the owner of it, so it behooves her. >> all right. so what's up with beyonce? is she having baby number two? >> that is the rumor. the rumors started last week when fan pictures came out of her at concerts showing what looked like a little bump. and you know, she's banned regular photographers from taking pictures. >> that's kind of ridiculous a little, isn't it? >> her little girl is about 16 months old now. and she's made it very clear that she wants a sibling for her daughter. and then of course there was the gown at the met ball right here in new york, which had some people buzzing because of the high waist. but we have on behalf of the "today" show reached out to her rep and of course mum is the word. >> appropriately. >> you've got to keep something to yourself. >> "american idol." wow. you kind of expected maybe one, but it looks like they're doing a whole clean house thing. >> at hollywood life, we're hearing that from our sources, first, randy has confirmed that he's leaving. but we have heard that it's going to be a clean slate
2:34 am
including maybe even from the top, executive producer and a whole change in format. the ratings are down. 25%. >> they're going to have to do something drastic. >> fox is having its up front for advertisers today. so they're going to be talking about this and announcing this. >> any buzz about new judges? or is it too soon? >> there's been a lot of buzz. i mean, we've even heard justin beeber, selena gomez, hillary duff. >> so all those names mean they want to go younger demographic. >> but they may also want to go cheaper, too, especially since the numbers are down. >> i don't think you're going to get justin bieber for cheaper. >> it makes it very interesting. >> so lindsay lohan, she wants out of betty ford. she's done. >> well -- >> the rumor, yes. >> that's right. there are all of these rumors that she was so upset that her adderall was taken away. >> i hate it when they do that! >> well, you know what? she may not necessarily be wrong about the adderall and the rumors about that. i spoke to a renowned psychiatrist, dr. keith ablow, about the adderall, and he says
2:35 am
she may be better off with it. the mental health community is really divided on its use and whether it causes more trouble than it cures. so you know, that is something that she has to work out. and she says it makes her calmer. >> but they won't let her smoke, right? that's the other thing she wants to do. >> are you allowed to smoke at betty ford? >> i think betty ford is really strict, and i think that's why -- >> that's what she needs. >> it's exactly what she needs. >> she needs tough love. >> and they say they want family therapy. they want to bring in deana, michael. and again, that's what she needs. >> that's so dysfunctional, the whole group. >> that's what they have to work on. >> maybe they'll get a suite there, all of them. >> she has to stay there first. and the mother indicates that's what's going to happen. >> you've got to be like everybody else. nobody's a star there. everybody -- elizabeth taylor went and had to make her own bed. believe it or not, some people don't know how to do that, hodie. >> uh-oh. >> all right, guys. thanks so much. thanks, kids. >> cover-ups. >> we like to hit the beach.
2:36 am
>> i like a lot of cover-ups. our girl jill has great ideas. and do you know your... blood type? a or b positive?? have you eaten today? i had some lebanese food for lunch. i love the lebanese. i... i'm not sure. enough of the formalities... lets get started shall we? jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dracula volunteering at a blood drive. we have cookies... get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. has motionsense activated by your movement, the more you move the more it protects. ♪ do more. ♪ degree. it won't let you down.
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♪ hard to believe, but memorial day is just two weeks away. and if a new bathing suit isn't on top of your summer wardrobe hot list, don't fret. there's more than swimsuits for the sun. >> that's right. it can all be about the accessori accessories. here for cover-ups is -- >> cover-ups are good. >> yes, they are. >> "today" contributor and "people style watch" contributing editor, jill martin. >> it's a little cold to be talking bathing suits today in new york, but i want to start with one must-have accessory for you two for spring-summer because prints you're going to see on all the accessories -- >> they're readers. >> i love it. >> before you plan your outfit to go, you will be all set with prints. >> old. >> they're great. >> old but hot. >> summer dresses. >> let's start with rosa.
2:41 am
>> the first trend, which we have rosa right here in a $47 dress from alchemy. >> we love that. that is so cute. >> so the trend here is flirty and ruffles. and what i love about ruffles is especially at the start of the summer, it can camouflage any area that's your problem area. so you can wear this in a longer dress, in a shorter dress, but ruffles the big trend. also a huge trend going from day to night, the beaded sandal. you'll see these all over the place. >> and the blue toenails. >> you always can use your nails as an accessory and the cost is $39 from gilt. just taking a simple dress and sort of sprucing it up. >> thank you, rosa. >> thank you. >> next we have paris, who's rocking a nice beach cover-up. >> the music's very romantic. oh, here it goes. so this is the tunic, but usually it's a little boxy. so meet the tailored tunic. you see it just comes in a little bit around the waist. >> i love this. >> a cute little line in the arm, too. it's tight and flaired. >> gives it a little personality. this again great from day to
2:42 am
night. you can throw on a pair of white jeans. and prints are so big. that's really what you should look for going into summer. >> how big? >> how big are they? >> big. and then the dressed-up beach tote. you'll see just not a lot of straw type. you'll see there's a lot of hardware on this, a lot of leather. $59 at gap. >> okay. thanks, sweetie. next up, shorts. everyone goes wrong with these. this is laura. >> we have to show them. not a lot of people can wear short shorts. >> but laura can. >> yes, she can. >> h & m. but you can also opt for a skirt or a longer pair of shorts. >> or a skort. >> or a skort. skorts are very in. and then another big trend here are the printed beach bag. this is from billabong for $54 and it really just makes an outfit pop. again, you see the sandals way little bit of hardware on it. you won't be seeing a lot of regular flip-flops. you'll be seeing these sort of accessorized sandals. >> thanks. >> thank you, laura. >> let's talk about a sarong. >> this is a little demo. this is phoebe. this is stunning.
2:43 am
phoebe is wearing this as a sarong. >> we hate phoebe. >> then phoebe has a barbecue to go to. so you just take the corners like this. it's a regular square. just wrap it around. and then just tie it -- put your arms through. >> come on, phoebe. >> and then it's a dress. >> i love that. >> that's adorable. >> it's very easy to do. >> but phoebe's tall and slender. would that be okay for -- >> yeah. you could actually use a bigger square -- >> what are you saying? >> not you personally. but if you want it longer. >> thanks, phoebe. you look adorable. thank you, sweetie. >> let's bring out dara. she's got a maxi dress on. >> kathie lee loves maxi dresses. >> sweet. >> i do, actually. >> $59. love the maxi dress. but the accessories, the exotic earrings, $28 from lord & taylor. it's something you could throw in your beach bag and add them to dress it up.
2:44 am
these trends you can adopt to your body and make them work for you. >> coming up, we've got some great getaways for the summer. >> we'll show you how to splurge -- no, not just splurge, it's better if you steal someone says. stealing isn't right. >> what are you talking about? >> i don't know. right after this. good morning to you. i'm alex wilson from the weather channel with your seven-day forecast. want to talk about today. things finally returning to average around parts of the southeast. it will be a cool morning. pretty dry across much of the country. some rain showers up in the northern tier. this is where the heat will be, right in the central part of the country. still 80s and 90s. 93 for minneapolis. 87 in kansas city. 89 in dallas. tomorrow brings some showers down through parts of texas, dallas, and houston. also up into parts of the northeast. we will see some wet weather. still chilly around new york and
2:45 am
boston. temps in the mid 60s. we're back to the 80s in washington, d.c. 76 in billings. 90 in albuquerque. on the west coast we have 60s for seattle, san francisco, and los angeles. thursday brings some showers up in the pacific northwest with highs around 64 in seattle. as we move a little further eastward, kansas city, you'll be watching for some rain showers. same for louisville, kentucky. louisville highs around 76 degrees. friday we'll watch for some showers up into the northern plains. great lakes region. that includes chicago. temps will be in the mid 70s for the windy city toned the week. 82 in new orleans. near 90 in orlando, florida. 75 in the big apple. still in the 60s for san francisco. although approaching in l.a. for your saturday dry on the west coast and much of the east coast. we'll see at least some scattered showers down through parts of the ohio valley. and then a little better chance of rain further up into the northern tier. 65 for billings to start your
2:46 am
weekend. and then to end the weekend we are going to watch for shouome showers and thunderstorms. kansas city 77. 88 for dallas and houston. 82 in atlanta. and also washington, d.c. don't forget, each weekday morning you can join al roker and stephanie abrams for wk wk. starts at 5:30. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin
2:47 am
designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
2:48 am
the days are getting warmer, the kids are almost out of school. so now's the time that a lot of families are planning their summer vacations. >> from the west coast to the caribbean we've got some great options for families no matter what your budget. laura begley-bloom -- >> i love her name. >> me too. >> laura begley-bloom is a "travel and leisure" deputy editor. >> she had her first mother's day yesterday. congratulations. your little boy is seven months old. that's exciting. >> we're going to do a splurge and a steal so we can find out in the same sort of general area.
2:49 am
we're starting off in the south in georgia. >> we start off in georgia the cloisters at sea island. this is a 1928 mediterranean-style mansion known for its incredible golf course. >> this is the splurge. >> this is the splurge. it's also really fantastic for kids. gorgeous beaches. fantastic for kids. they've got a vintage ice cream parlor and a movie theater. and then our steal is not so far away. it's the jekyll island club. this was built as a social club in the 1800s for the likes of the rockefellers and the vanderbilts. >> because they didn't have enough to do. or places to go. >> these days it's great for everyone. it's only $199 for the starting rate, which is fantastic. they have girlfriend getaways. they've got fantastic biking. also stunning beaches there. great for kids, too. in the summer they've got a cooking camp. >> how much is a splurge? are they really pricey? >> around $400 a night and they're worth every penny. >> looked like it. yeah. >> let's move on to the northeast. what's your splurge in new england? >> in maine we've got the hidden pond.
2:50 am
this is near kennebunkport. 36 glamorous cottages. screened-in porches and outdoor showers, yoga, stand-up paddling. my favorite thing to do are the nightly bonfires. and you can make s'mores, which we love. and our steal is off the coast. it's 12 miles off the coast of maine. this is a wonderful little hidden gem. nine-room hotel with clawfoot tubs and cast iron beds, and it's also a foodie getaway. they've got farm to table dinners. >> how much is that? >> $100 night, may and june. fantastic rate. it goes up a little as the summer goes on. >> take us out west to the pacific. >> pacific, we've got the four seasons biltmore in santa barbara. >> that's one my favorite places in the world. >> i had a feeling -- >> i love that place. just look at that view. >> to die for. >> also great access to the vineyards in the santa ynes valley. >> yes. >> that too. >> beautiful ocean views. >> isn't that gorgeous? it's such a gorgeous spot.
2:51 am
all the little fires are going on out there when you're having dinner. >> and down the coast in laguna beach, a steal, $139 a night. >> in laguna? >> a joie da vie property. tons of personality. colorful adirondack chairs on the porches. >> all right. we have a little bit of time left. let's do the caribbean. >> caribbean. we've got two properties there. our splurge is in st. lucia. this is called sugar beach. and i am obsessed with this property. >> everything in the white. i love it. >> beautiful white-on-white, mosquito netting-draped beds. named to travel and leisure's it list as one of the 61 most exciting properties this year. >> look at that. >> right now it's a great time to go, it's a little bit cheaper than in the high season, it's $440 a night. >> you can go for one night if you want. >> yeah. and if you want to go for a couple of nights, down in an l anguilla, which is known for its hotels.
2:52 am
right off of mead's beach. it's a gorgeous white sand beach with views from the higher rooms of the ocean, two pools. >> how much do those rooms run? >> $160 a night. >> wow. >> good job there, missy. really good. >> thanks so much. >> he lost 280 pounds with the help of his smartphone. >> what? we're going to meet the newest member of the joy fit club. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
2:53 am
2:54 am
2:55 am
2:56 am
♪ time for joy in my life we're back with the newest member of the joy fit club. someone who dropped more than half of his body weight. >> 44-year-old dale bitner from lexington, kentucky, he lost nearly 280 pounds. before we meet him, let's take a look at his unbelievable story. >> hi. my name is dale. and my struggle with weight goes back to the first grade. my mom even had to make special little league uniforms to fit me. and by sixth grade i weighed 200 pounds. my weight fluctuated throughout high school and college, and by the time i was in graduate school i weighed over 300 pounds. i had to get all of my clothes from the big and tall shop. eventually, my weight had reached over 400 pounds.
2:57 am
just before getting married in 2006, i managed to lose about 70 pounds, but as soon as the honeymoon started so did the old eating habits. a year and a half later i was topping out around 460 pounds. i had lost all hope of anything ever changing. in 2010 my wife started weight watchers and i agreed to follow along with the program. i began to see some progress, and i began to see that change could actually be possible. i also started to deal with the underlying emotional issues that had been causing me to overeat. one year later i had lost the first 100 pounds and i began to add walking into my schedule. in february of 2012 i switched to an online calorie counter called lose it to track my food and exercise. i enjoyed getting to know the lose it community and the weight kept coming off. today i weigh 173 pounds and i just ran my first half marathon in march. by learning how to eat less and move more, i've been able to sustain a healthy life. >> wow. >> and the leader of our pack is "today" nutritionist joy bauer. good to see you.
2:58 am
>> he sounds like a lovely guy. >> this guy literally struggled with morbid obesity his whole life. and a few years ago he figured it out. the food clicked, the exercise clirksd and clicked, and he worked with a church program to resolve a lot of the emotional issues. i love that he talked about the app. lose it. i have a whole number of apps that viewers need to learn about because they're free. and when you download them on a smartphone or you can use them on the computer, it tracks what you're eating. so you know the calories -- >> i love that. >> instead of having to look it up. >> instant accountability. so i like lose it. my fitness pal. spark people, fat secret, daily burn, and my diet diary. and they're all free. >> on our website, you guys, just so you know, when we get to them. >> and very quickly, these are his famous pumpkin granola bars. he doesn't buy any processed convenience snacks now. he makes them now. they're 150 calories and i'm
2:59 am
going to tweet out the recipe. >> can we try them? >> they're delicious. look all of these wholesome ingredients. dark chocolate chips, cranberries and oats and pumpkin puree. >> oh, my god. >> this is delicious. >> this tastes fantastic. >> he's a fabulous cook. and he looks hot. >> let's look at dale before, shall we? all right, dale. come join the joy fit club. >> oh, my god! who are you? dale. >> where did dale go? >> what happened to dale bittner? >> wow! you look great. >> and these are mighty fine, i've got to tell you. really good. >> wow. so you didn't really have to give up things that you love, the things and tastes you that you love, right? >> right, it was getting things more in proportion and making some great choices like something real natural like this. >> wow. we are so happy for you. what's your next goal? you ran the half marathon. you ve something else coming up? >> i'm thinking i want to try to do a full marathon in the fall. >> it's great. you're an animal. >> so proud of you. >> look behind you. >> hi, sweetie. >> congrats. >> coming up tomorrow. >> also former defense secretary
3:00 am
donald rumsfeld is here to share his book. >> and from "american idol" a performance by jessi sanchez. jeff: singer, star, author, and a model. >> i sing with my eyes open. jeff: with an exclusive look at his new movie. plus, he's singing for us. ♪ baby, that's why you bring out the best in me ♪ [applause] jeff: ok! all right. a little about me. i'm recently married. i work with my wife on this show, and i'm learning how to be a dad to two amazing kids in a blended family. i'm hosting a talk show because there

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